Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I guess I promised some pictures and here they are.

The weather has finally turned nice and so we got to do some camping. We have gone a few times, this one we went with our friends Bryce and Sierra down on the Henry's Fork. The crazier thing is that after this weekend the next week was down into the 30's again we even had snow in the middle of June!! Its been crazy. Im sure you could all care less about me though, Becky is doing great and so is the baby. Although its a crappy picture this is Becky with her sister inlaw who is also preggers.

She is finally getting big just this week, she has been tiny almost the entire time. Everyone always is suprised when we say we only have about 3 weeks left!!!! Its pretty stinken crazy but after seeing pictures of little Mia I dont think I can wait much longer. Becky also said I have to put up a picture of her pineapple, she was way proud of it so here it is.

Last but not least I just got a new haircut and I like it alot so here is a picture so you can all see how beautiful I am!!

You know I look good! Dont worry Ill be better about posting and I love you all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Im back!!

Well its only been since February so I figure the relentless hassling of my friends and family has caused me to want to blog again. Well the semester is going good, half way down and its only getting started. Becky finished her block classes so she only has two left until graduation. Me on the other hand am now starting Biology..good times. Anyways we have a few pictures from the winter and I will put them up tonight. Other than that only 1 month to go until a baby and graduation, its gunna get busy but i am way excited.