Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Snow

We had our first little snow storm this season
And the girls LOVED every moment of it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Perfectly Perfect Timing

Here are some amazing pictures 
taken from Cali Walters, a photographer here in Pullman.

\The day after we had Emilia, I was told Cali was looking for a new born to photograph

A company gave her products and asked her to photograph them for their company

In return for photographing Emilia, we received all pictures on CD as well as a free session :)

It was perfect timing, and out of the many applicants, little Emilia was chosen. HOORAY :)

We had a great time - Thanks Cali!! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Emilia's Story

Finally, the story and some pictures :)

So, I went in for my 38 wk check up, and the Dr. told us
we were going to have the baby within the next day or two.  
So I decided I should probably take a  picture of the belly before it was too late :)

Our Dr. tried to set an induction for that day
But the hospital was full and wouldn't allow anyone who wasnt in active labor
Unfortunately, my body doesnt let me know it's in labor until its too late
(minutes before the baby arrives)

Well, our Dr was leaving town the next day and would be gone for a week
(worst timing ever!)

Let's be honest...we were nervous
...and more than nervous when our Dr. explained how to deliver our baby on our own

The next morning, we met with another Dr
She was amazed that I didnt acknowledge 
the strong contractions my body was having

Still no openings at the hospital
She was worried
We were worried

My mother, sister, and brother-in-law came
and miraculously, the hospital called that afternoon
An unexpected discharge came, which meant an opening for me :)

We arrived and 3 hours later, Emilia was born
We are SoOoOo grateful for the helping hands!!

When my family brought Crystal and Abigail to visit, it was priceless!!

The moment Little Crystal walked in the room
I could see her heart beaming as she sweetly walked over
and batted her eyes at her new sister

 She anxiously waited for daddy to put Millie in her lap, 
then ever so gently rocked her back and forth

After humming and gently rubbing her face, she quietly said
"Oh Millie, I've been waiting for you for years!!" 

I could hear the nurses giggling in the hall
Telling each other to look at that "Cute, sassy little movie star"
I immediately knew it was our little Abigail :)
As Abby strutted into my room with her bright smile and usual attire
(decorated head-to-toe with head band, sun glasses, dress, and purse)

The moment she saw me, her whole body shifted emotions
Shoulders dropped, glasses came off, and she ran over to me with tears in her eyes

All she wanted was to lay next to me and
For the next 10 minutes, she caressed my face and hair asking
"You okay, mommy? You okay?  It's okay mommy, I love you.  It's okay."
In the softest, most loving little voice.