Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Dearest Crystal

My Dearest Crystal,
I love you! I loved holding you in my arms as a baby as I rocked and sang you to sleep. Thank you for making your daddy and I feel so special each night as you plead for one last song, one last cuddle, and one last kiss. I look forward to you calling my name followed by your excited smile and sweet kisses every morning.

I love that you are always giggling at the little things in life, especially when I or your daddy make a mistake. Your bright eyes and little giggle always makes me smile, even when in the worst of moods. I love playing dress up with you and spinning in circles until I feel sick. Thank you for helping me to remember that its the little moments that matter.

I cherish your sincere love you have for your "Best Friend" - Abigail. Thank you for your gentleness and sweet care for her. I have never seen her as happy as when she's with you. You are most definitely "Two Best Friends."

It makes me sad when I think of how quickly you have grown, and continue to grow. I love you dear Crystal. Thank you for your faith and trust in me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sugar Cookies

I love the fall - there are so many fun things to celebrate!! This past week we decided to make Halloween Sugar cookies for Crystal's friends.  She was SOO excited when I told her she could roll out the dough and stencil the cookies herself.
She didnt realize the cookies had to be cooked first, and I couldnt help but laugh after she put cut-out dough into her mouth and, with a confused face, said "Ewww. Mommy me no like heart cookie"
We hope everyone enjoys this fall season!!

I dont like Spiderman

After breakfast every morning, the girls hop in the stroller and we go walking with ladies in our ward.
Crystal loves walking with her friends, and learns new things from them each day...for example ~ her friend Zachary LOVES Spiderman and tends to dress like him often.  Crystal, not knowing who this Spiderman is, decided that she too loved him and would start running around acting as Zachary did (Super cute!!)

So last week we came home and I asked her if she wanted to see who Spiderman was.  She was so excited to watch the movie...that is until it started.  About 1 1/2 minutes into the cartoon, she turned to me with a scared face and said "Mommy, I dont like Spiderman.  I like princesses!"  Hehehe
Now every morning, she makes sure to tell Zachary "I dont like Spiderman, I like Princesses"
Here's Crystal in her princess nightgown while wearing Zachary's Spiderman jacket. hehehe

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corn Maze Fun!!

Over this past weekend, Brian's parents came to visit and brought Allison (our 4 yr old niece.) So on Friday night, we went to the corn maze. The girls absolutely loved it!

This was a mini maze for the girls - They did great and found the end (eventually) with grandpas help. :)

I was surprised at how brave Crystal was with running through the maze. They really seemed to enjoy running around, trying to find their own ways through the long corn.

It wasnt until it grew dark that Crystal started pointing to the EXIT sign, which she could see over the corn, and asking her daddy to take her there. :)
After the maze, the girls ate some popcorn while getting their faces painted. Little Crystal's lips were shaking from the cold, but she didnt seem to mind as she was having more than enough fun.
Becky and little Abigail, who did SO well all night!!

After the maze, we went home, read a few books with the grandparents, then brought out a mattress and let the girls stay up late and watch a movie. Crystal thought she was the luckiest girl ever!

Crystal wanting to be like her Grandma. hehehe

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10K Race

Brian and I have been training for a half marathon, which is this coming Saturday - HOORAY!! For part of our training, we decided to run a 10K race this past weekend.
Brian caught a nasty cold a few days before, but still wanted to we made a deal.  I would do the 10K and he could run the 5K with Crystal (she was SO excited to race, we couldnt resist.)  Our great friend Aryssa was too excited to watch Abigail, so we left Abby home with her. :)
It was great fun...and I came in 4th place for the women with a time of 58:26. Hooray!!

We bought Crystal a fun Dinosaur water bottle for the race - she was SO excited to have a special drink. :)
Our friend Heather ran the 5K with Brian - they did AWESOME!! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Miss me mommy!!

With the weather cooling down and the sun setting sooner, Brian and I have had to change our half marathon training instead of us both jogging at night (one after another), I go in the mornings and Brian at nights.
Lately the runs have been long and I usually come home to Crystal holding Abigail as they're both cuddling up to their daddy.  It's so precious!! 
To add to this beauty, this morning when I came home from my run, Crystal ran over, jumped into my arms wrapping her hands around my neck and, after a great big kiss said " Miss me mommy!!" (meaning "I missed you mommy")  I felt like the luckiest mother - such sweet moments to remember. :)

Two best friends!

For the past month, Crystal has loved holding her little sister. It is so precious to see the two together. When Abigail wakes from her naps, Crystal will climb into her crib, lay down and cuddle next to her, and say "Two best friends!" As Abigail is full of smiles and little laughs everytime. :)