Friday, November 11, 2011

Sand Dunes

Coming home from the westside gets long and boring
So we try to brake it up with fun stops on the way
This was the best yet...
We found a random sand dune off the side of the road and decided to make a stop

We had SoOoOo much FUN!!

Daddy wanted to build a sand fort
It wasnt long before both girls jumped in
It was priceless watching these three work together

Our girls LOVED their little fort

Brian peeking through to Crystal
(you can see her hair on the other side)


 Best car stop EVER!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just wanna Funny be like Daddy

She think's she sooo clever 
Being like her dad
 ...She is :)
Brian does silly things with his facial hair
This time was a long stash

 Crystal thought it was so funny
And wanted to be funny like him.
I was REALLY quite funny :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pajama Party

Meet the boys next door.

Spencer, Crystal, Cameron, Abigail, Travis

We really enjoy the fun activities we do together
This last week they had a pajama party.

 They loved popping popcorn and watching a movie together.

Happy Halloween

 We love Halloween! 
There's so many fun activities to do
So I decided to skip school this week and enjoy the holiday with family :)
And I'm glad I did.

Daddy made delicious jack-o-lantern pancakes for breakfast


Painted and carved Pumpkins
(Daddy, Crystal, Abby/Mommy)

I forgot to take pics of the decorations...but Brian took a snap of the after-mess :)

 We couldnt resist doing a little decor on ourselves as well
I wish we had a video of them sounding like little Indians...hilarious!!

Little Spiders :)

 carnivals, parties, lots of free food 
And of course...Trick-or-Treating 



Crystal's in Preschool!

 On her first day of school, she was SO excited!
I thought it would be nice for me as well to have some one-on-one time with little Abby
I was sure of this...until we walked out the door.
After I buckled her in the car, she softly took my hand and said
"It's going to be okay mommy. 
I'm going to school and going do lots of paperwork.
But I be home soon...Promise!"
How could you NOT melt at that...
 Crystal rides the bus twice a week
She doesnt really like it
 The bumpy road scares her
Luckily she has a safe seat belt :)
 "About me" collage
She was so excited to show it to Miss Jennifer...her teacher :)
Almost every week is Show-and-Tell
She loves bringing her special toys to share
We are so happy that she loves learning.
It's a little saddening when I stop and think about our girls growing so fast
IT just makes us appreciate every moment even more!!