Saturday, January 30, 2010

And our baby is a.....!!!

We found out what we are having!! HURRAY!!
**** DRUM ROLL *****
It's a GIRL!!!

Week 20

Week 21

Once there was a snowman

It FINALLY snowed!! The weather has been nice enough this year that (for the most part) we've had sun and rain this last month.
With the little snow we woke up to, Crystal and Brian went out and made a snowman. I had to leave early in their playing, but here are a few pictures of their fun.

Tasty Tasty!!

2:00 AM

Crystal woke up at 2:00am sick and wanting her daddy. We pulled out the hide-a-bed, put in a movie, and enjoyed the late night/early morning together.

When Brian gave her something to drink, she had to make sure that her little kitty had something to drink first, and then drank herself. She also had to give her "sick" kitty some medicine - SO CUTE!

So Cool...

Just some fun picture of our little girl this week. Enjoy.

Loves that her diapers have Elmo on them...maybe a little too much.

Someone found the wipes...

LOVES boxes

Loves bags

Little Rock star
In daddys coat

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crystal - 18 mths

Crystal's 18 month check up ~

Weight ... 22.1 lbs.... 30%
Height ... 32.2 in.... 50%