Friday, March 26, 2010

Point Defiance Zoo

We were so excited when Brian's spring brake came along...first on our list was the ZOO!! HURRAY!!

Crystal looks so tiny compared to the elephant...and the GIANT fish!!

Crystal and her daddy looking for animals...both equally excited :)

Time in the Kids Zone area ~

Crystal feeding the goats. It was fun watching her giggle any time they licked her hand.

The best part of the trip was having Grandma Nielsen come along for the fun!! Thank you! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time at the Park

The weather has been so great, and Crystal's knows better than anyone what that means ~ Playing at the park! She absolutely loves the parks and looks forward to them everyday...but makes it hard for her to understand "not today" on colder days like today. :)
Speaking of "bright" things - We only have three months before the baby comes!! HURRAY!!

We absolutely ADORE the way Crystal runs when she's excited. She throws her hands back and runs like the wind! What a cutie! Makes us laugh every time!

Throwing her hands while yelling "HURRAY!!"