Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

 Merry Christmas!
We hope your holidays were wonderful!!

Originally, we were going to visit family during our break, but be back in time to spend Christmas in our home.  After a few change-of-plans, we were able to have friends bring our presents and we spent Christmas with grandparents.  (Thanks Jersh and Chantell)

It was so special watching Crystal find Santa's hat on her bed, and ran down the stairs to see was there. :)

Merry Christmas!!

Chirstmas Parties

Here are some pictures of our vacation...

Every Christmas Eve, Grandma Nielsen makes a delicious Salmon Soup family dinner, followed by singing Christmas Carols...

 Grandma Hannigan's Christmas party...
 Sara made Brian a Dr. Who scarf for Christmas....12 feet long....seriously...

 little girls enjoying their ice cream dessert

 Hannigan Family...
Look closely at the picture with the grand children...

 Just in case you didnt see it...
Abigail snatching Tessa's pacifier :)

 Love the kisses...

Month of December

So many great things happened this month, I'm really not sure where to here are a few pics of our fun holiday season.

It really is so fun watching these two little ones play together - Crystal loves playing with Abby in her crib and does really well with making sure Abigail always has a little toy to play with. It's fun to listen to Crystal and the sweet things she says - Once Abigail dropped one of the little toys and Crystal picked it up and said "hehe...opps, sorry Abby - my fault. Here you go." Silly...
As for our little ginger bread house making, it turned into a baby Jesus manger full of half eaten gummies and suckers and Crystal thought it waws the coolest family activity. I mean, lots of candy and making fun houses - it doesnt get much better :)

 Crystal lvoes the song "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" and loves having her daddy and Abby time when he comes home...I couldnt resist capturing on of these moments...
Our little rock star...need I say more ;)
 Abigail loves her fingers and toes. Every once in a while, her toes will find her mouth and after sucking on them for a moment, she will giggle as though she was tickling herself. 

 We went car shopping in Spokane...couldnt resist the sweet taste of RED ROBIN!! PS - We bought our car!! I'll post more on that later :)
 Every single morning, the moment Crystal wakes up, it's dress-up time.  Sometimes as a rockstar or super hero, but mostly princess.  It's funny because for the longest time, Brian and I really tried to stay away from the princesses...but somehoe it snuck in and took over ; )  Here are a few pics of what our mornings are like....EVERY morning for that matter...

 And I will end with the sweet ever-lasting smile of little Miss Abigail.  Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time to Teeth

 I cant believe it's already teething time...
It's so hard to watch as Abby's nose and mouth are miserable...but she keeps on smiling...what a trooper
Here's to lots of slobber and runny noses!! 
Dont worry little one - you are still our little button :)

The start of a good day!

This is what we woke up to this morning...
If it wasnt a good day sure is now. :)  
There's truly not a day that goes by that you dont make us laugh
We love you SOO much Crystal!!

Thanksgiving Day

 Our girls with their great grandmother - Grammy. 

Thanksgiving Dinner was so great! The children were so excited to have their own special table.
 Can't forget the big kids here
Where was Abby in all this?
Right where she wanted to be :)
Cousins relaxing after playing in the snow
Crystal and Kendall...glued together all night long

Abigail with her grandparents...entertaining the adults with her little giggles

 We are so grateful for our families and the love and comfort they bring.  Thank you!