Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Photos ~ Take 2

Hooray for great friends! One of our friends is a professional photographer and was kind enough to take some family pics for us this last weekend!!
Okay, I know what everyone's thinking ... "You just HAD family pics....???"  But, long story short, those pics only work online...not really printable (at the moment at least). 
So here are more pictures of your favorite people - US!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Pics

Our apartment manager asked if she could take our family pictures for her portfolio.  Of course I had to say yes, and I'm so glad I did :)

Thank you Krista for the fun pictures!! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A bit of summer vacation :)

I am SO sorry it's taken so long to update, but our computer crashed so we had to get it fixed before I could put pics on here.  We had such a great summer this year ~ here are just a few pictures we took while visiting my family in Idaho. 
 These first few are pictures of us camping at Heise Hot springs with my parents.  Crystal absolutely LOVED walking around, playing with rocks, and watching the fish swim in the river.  :) 

 ...oh...I cant forget to mention all the fun sticks there were to play with :)
 This is my Abigail with her grandpa - adorable!
Crystal was SO excited to see her Great Grandma - it was fun watching them read books and play in the rocking chair together :)

 Randy and Stephanie came and celebrated Gabe's birthday with us :) Gracie, Eli, and Crystal were absolutely adorable together! It was so fun watching them follow each other around and find things to play with together.

 This one is my favorite!! :)
 Crystal after eating Gabe's cake...yum yum

 Grandma and Grandpa have berry bushes in their garden, and Crystal was a little more than excited to find that she's allowed to pick and EAT these berries!!

 Brian's dad and grandma happened to be passing by the same time we were visiting.  It was so much fun having them visit!!
Crystal was SO excited and couldnt stop pointing out the fact that she has her "TWO grandpas"with her!!  It was so fun!
 This is my favorite memory....Crystal playing "play house" with her grandma.  Every chance Crystal had, she was playing with this doll house with her grandma - It was priceless watching them together!
 Crystal on the deck

 In the mornings, Crystal and grandma would go out and pick peas.  Grandma would pick them, split them open, and Crystal would eat them :)

 After picking peas, they shelled them together ... meaning most went to Crystal's tummy ;)
 And of course, we cant forget our little Abigail...she is the happiest little baby EVER!! :)

 Dont you just LOVE her little smiles?? :)