Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daddy & Daughter Birthday Bash

This last week was both Brian and Crystal's birthday - HURRAY!! So we decided to go out to Red Robin to celebrate with the whole was funny seeing the faces when we walked in asking for a party of 18. hehehe

When they came to sing, they were both given balloons, ice cream, and Brian a hat saying "1/2 way there"...or something along those lines. lol If you notice Crystal's balloons, I thought it was hilarious using her ears to hold them close to her.

After dinner, we went to Sidsi's for cake and presents. The best part was that both Brian and Crystal's cup cake fell over right after they blew the candle...they were top-heavy from the candle. They both had a great time - thank you everyone for the fun party!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Liberty 5K

Sorry about the lack of explaining on the last post...I was in a hurry - so I added a little more detail to it.
Anyway, about a month ago, I decided that I needed to make a goal for myself to help me get back into shape (of some sort) so I decided to train for the Rexburg "Liberty 5k." My personal goal was to finish the race under 30 minutes, and Brian was great enough to do this with me. When we got to Rexburg, we convinced both my dad and brother to join us in the "fun" race.
We all had a great time. My dad finish 2nd in his division, and Brian and I reached our goal, finishing at just under 29 minutes!! HURRAY!!! We were SOOO excited!! Here are some pics ~
This is a pic under the finish line before the race. (Robert, me, Brian, my dad)

With our 5k t-shirts on...dont we look spiffy.

Our nice and sweaty faces right after the race...dont we look HOT? :)

Robert and I...Hurray, we did it!!

We had so much fun with this, our next goal is a 1/2 marathon! Crazy...I know I know..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip to Rexburg, Idaho

We spent our 4th of July visiting family in Rexburg, and had a great time there!
Gracie, our niece, has a stroller for little dolls and Crystal fell in love with it. At first she would push around this little bear...but it wasnt long until she realized that SHE too was little enough to fit in...hehehe. The kids loved pushing her around.

The rest of the time was spent in Rexburg; we had a great time seeing everyone! The BIGGEST hit was watching Crystal with the Strawberry, Rachael's horse. She LOVED the horse and could've spent all night playing with her if she could.

Crystal immediately found her new favorite aunt for the week - she LOVED Rachael to hold her, play with her, and even feed her.

Austin and Brian also built a tree house while we were there. It turned out GREAT and the grandkids love it.

We also made home-made ice cream...absolutely DELICIOUS!!

My sister, Rachael driving us around in the 4-wheeler

Here are some picture at the 4th of July parade...
Brian and Nathan (brother-in-law) were soooo excited to be there...cant you tell?

Stephanie was Crystal's second mom while there.

Randy, Gracie, and Crystal

And MORE of the family reunion...
Renae's kids LOVED playing with Brian in the jungle gym...I couldnt resist getting a picture...sooo cute!

My second favorite was Brian teaching all the little boys cousins how to play was hilarious to watch

Sarah, my niece was such a good "older sister" and loved hauling Crystal around.

The "macho macho men" cousins