Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nelson Family

Oh I LOVE family pictures!!
Everyone together...Hooray!! :)
Here are each of Becky's siblings, oldest to youngest...
 Randall's Family
(Steph, Cody, Gabe, Eli, and Gracie)
 Philip's Family
(Kathryn and Spencer)
 Renae's Family
(Nathan, Sarah, Matthew, Daniel, and Joseph)
 Lisa's Family
We are so grateful for family! 
Thank you everyone for such great memories!!

On our Way

We had our first Family Reunion for Becky's family this summer.  With the family spread out across the US, it was so fun seeing everyone together. :)

On our way to the reunion, we drove through the Clear Water National Forest in Idaho.  It was honestly one of the most beautiful forests we've been through, so we decided to stop and camp for the night. :)
We found the perfect campground - next to a walking trail and river on one side, and warm lake and field on the other.  We even had fresh cut fire wood and newspaper left from whoever stayed there the previous night.  We couldn't believe our luck!

 We met up with Randy and his family in Salmon the next morning and went swimming before finishing the drive to grandma and grandpa's home.  We were so excited and had a great time with them!

The 4th of July was in Rexburg, mainly because we love the traditions there.

After being bullied by a few older children over thrown candy, uncles Randy and Robert made it their goal to get as much candy as possible for her.  It was adorable watching her face light up each time they put handfuls of candy into her purse.  
It was obvious she found herself two new hero's.
I just love these two pics of Randy & Crystal