Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good and Bad Times

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it!! Well, we had a wonderful Turkey Day with the family in Idaho - Thanks for the great times everyone!!

Well...tis the season for sickness...but Brian and I have decided that life is 100X worse when it's your little baby that's the sick one. After a long and painful experience at the Dr., hospital, and finally the ER, we found out that Crystal has RSV...not a fun sickness at all!! This is a picture of her taking one of her many breathing treatments...she does better with it now, but the first few times made just about everyone in the house sad just watching her. I would say it was probably the worst experience ever. It really amazes us to watch her though - even when she can barely breathe between her barking coughs, she still manages to get a smile out. It breaks me heart, but hopefully things will start to look up soon.

Things have been a lot of fun this season. The past few weeks have been straight blizzard...17 inches as of yesterday, which is the record for the last 40 years. We have had a lot of fun in the snow...Brian and Kevin built a sweet sled and we had a blast with it!! They also took the broken riding-lawn-mower and turned it into a "4mph Snow-Cruiser"...SOO much fun!!

Here are some pics of us building snow forts. It was guys against girls, dodge ball style. I wont tell you who won...we'll leave it part a secret. ;)