Friday, July 9, 2010

Abigail and Crystal

 Dont you just LOVE these two?

Abigail is growing faster than my camera can keep up! She looks more and more like Crystal every time I look at her! She has such a special spirit and we are deeply grateful to have her in our lives!

Happy Birthday Brian and Crystal!

We decided to celebrate Brian and Crystals birthday while we were with family.  When I took Crystal to the store to pick out her cake, she looked through all the pictures...and guess which cake she insisted on..... Frosty the Snowman. hehe  Unfortunately for her, they didnt have the right tools, seeing that most people dont order Winter cakes in the middle of summer...weird I know ;)  So she settled for her second favorite...Spongbob Squarepants
 There's something special about Kendall - she plays the oldest cousin so well, and Crystal loves it! Anytime Kendall's around, you'll find Crystal either in her arms or at her side.  These are pics of us singing Happy Birthday to Crystal, and her blowing her candles out.  Thanks so much Kendall for being her big sister! :)

 Crystal couldnt help but test out the cake first...once she approved, she was ready to serve her friends.
 The kids eating their cake - yummy delicious!

 Grandma blowing bubbles for Mia and Crystal - this is my favorite picture! Mom, you just look like a little girl having fun with her bubbles! SO cute!

 Robin and Jeremiah brought squirt guns. It was funny watching Kendall teach Crystal how to squirt...Crystal would squirt Kendall, turn and squirt herself, then laugh like she was the funniest thing in the world....which she pretty much was. :)

 Opening presents - she was so excited when she realized everything was for her!
Playing with the squirt guns in the field...go Allyson! :)

 Across the park is a lake full of hungry ducks...always a favorite for me! :)
 Super cute picture of the cousins!!

 These are pics of us setting up the party - thank you everyone for your help! It turned out GREAT!
 Thank you everyone for making Crystal's birthday party such a great hit!

July 4th ~ Blessing Abigail

Since July 4th happened to be on fast Sunday this year, we were able to both bless Abigail and celebrate our independence with family.  
We decided to bless Abigail in Shelton so Brian's family could be there (they all missed out on Crystal's blessing.) and it was our last family ward.  My dad was unable to get work off, so they were unable to make it, but we are grateful for the BEAUTIFUL blessing outfit they sent.  Thank you!

 Here's Abigail up close in the little dress - I have better ones, but will have to post them later.

 Crystal was so excited for Abigail - it truly is a special thing, watching Crystal and Abigail together.  Crystal has such a strong love for her Abby.

 After church, everyone came over for the BBQ.  Dad cooked up some great burger and hot dogs and everyone made great dishes! Thanks!

 Seeing that it didnt get dark until almost 10:00pm, the guys went over to Grammy's yard and played football all afternoon - they seemed to have a lot of fun!

Kelly, Kevin, Becky, and Abigail relaxing out outside.
 So, this is the time of year when I realize just how cheap I am. ;) Brian's dad, Kevin, and Chris all spent a few hundred dollars (each) on fireworks...which made of an AMAZING firework show that night. These are pics of Kevin with some of his - he had to screw them in so they wouldnt fall during the show.

Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents

Swinging with Kelly = CrAzY fun!! Crystal has never been a big fan of swinging, until Kelly took her for a swinging ride. After that, it was over, and swinging was her new favorite thing at the grandparents home.
Kevin, Kelly, and Crystal swinging together.

Brian and Crystal swinging together.
One morning, Crystal was laying on Brian's shoulder and grandpa came up and started scratching her back. It only took a second before she was in a funny.

One morning, Sidse took Crystal outside to play. Brian and I saw them playing together through our window and I made him run out and get pics. It was the cutest thing watching her play with and love her aunt ""Tsitsee."

Sara and Crystal swinging on the little swings. Sara is Crystal's second mom, and she loves it that way. Sara bought her a few things for Crystal's bed, and almost every night, she shows me her special blanket, kitty, and pillows that Sara gave her, and then yells "Thank you Sara!"
Dad doing his favorite thing in the world - holding little babies. :)

Crystal eating the her grandma and grammy.

Cousins Everyday!

The best part about visiting family is Crystal being able to play with cousins everyday. It's so great that everyone lives close enough to visit all together so often! We have honestly never seen Crystal more happy and excited as she was playing with her cousins.  She absolutely LOVES all of them and still talks about them everyday.

Hanging out watching the ducks after Crystal's birthday party.  Simply ADORABLE!

Allyson and Crystal relaxing in the grandparents bed, probably watching cartoons.  

Most the grandchildren playing in grandpa's truck...waiting for grandpa.  After dinner for Robins birthday, grandpa wanting to take all the children to the pet store to pick out their very own fish, which he would put in his fish tanks at home.  

All the children playing in our car during the July 4th BBQ.  Brian put the front seats down so it was one big play area.  They were in there laughing and playing together for over an hour.  It was so fun to see the little faces light up when they saw they could "drive" by themselves. :)

Okay....NOT a cousin....but a random boy that came over one day and literally followed Crystal everywhere - hilarious!