Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A full update on life

Things have been coming along here in Washington. Waiting to hear back from Grad schools has been extremely nerve racking. We got our first response though. It was from Arizona State...and unfortunately it was a rejection letter. Nothing feels better than getting rejected!! ;) But we aren't losing hope yet.

We have been researching new cars for the last 3 months, seeing that our good old Betsy (the olds mobile) is about to croke. Long story short, we ran into a wonderful couple that was selling there 2008 Nissan Versa, because the husband lost his job and they couldn't afford two car payments.

This happened to be the luxury edition (includes blue tooth, keyless entry, security, cruise, power everything) with only 5,000 miles on it. So...basically new and in perfect condition. The best part is that it has a CVT transmitter, meaning that you cant feel the pull when the car shifts gears.

This was more than we ever expected. So...we are excited to say...WE HAVE A NEW CAR!!! HURRAY!!!

To add to our excitement, Crystal has learned a new hobby....climbing stairs!! She is hilarious because she knows every time she climbs up the stairs, someone will run over and pick her up. So she's turned it into a game, where she'll crall as fast as she can and see how many steps she can get up before you can get to her. It's super cute...but nerve racking, seeing that she doesnt understand the concept of gravity.

So, I dont think we ever posted this, but Brian also found a new toy a few months ago. There was a guy that wanted to get rid of his old 1979 Suzuki Brian lucked out!!

We ran into Bobby Engram (the SeaHawks Wide Receiver) while attending a Home Show in Seattle. You would think Brian and Jeremiah had won a million dollars as they were both on cloud 9 the rest of the day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Crawling Machine-7 mths

Wow!! It's actually sad to see how fast our little girl is growing...I'm scared to say this, but I think she'll be walking much sooner than later. She's getting a good feel to standing and moving her little legs...all she needs is a little more balance on her own...and then we're really in trouble. ;) But until that time, we are excited to say that we have a little crawling machine on our hands, and we LOVE it!!!

It's so much fun watching Crystal entertain herself lately. She finds the silliest things that entertain her for hours...literally. One of these would be a little rocking horse. In fact, yesterday she spent almost an hour straight playing with this little horse.

She'll crawl over to it, and get so excited when she plays with its face.

Afterward, she'll pull herself up and try to get onto it's back.

When that doesnt work, we'll put her on and let her play. She loves rocking on it while it plays the song "I'm a little pony." I am amazed at how well her balance is. We even let her sit all by herself, and surprising enough...she hasn't fallen off once...yet. :)