Friday, May 6, 2011

Love for Always

To Our Dear Little Sweet Peas,

Every moment we sit and watch you two,
All we can do is grin
You'll never really know
Just how much you mean to us
The ever-so sincere way 
you laugh, play, and share
Even when your at your worst,
We would never change a thing in you

I'm so proud that you are both mine.

  Every night and day, we thank our Heavenly Father
For daughters as special as you.

We love you for Always

Walker in the making

Abigail just cant wait to walk...

Her favorite activity is holding hands
And walking around and around the apartment
Her favorite helper is Crystal, who is so patient,
Taking slow steps along the way.
She LOVES being like her sister :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Bells

Lisa and Blaine's wedding in the Bountiful, Utah temple was absolutely amazing! We are so grateful we were able to be there to be a part of such a sacred experience. We are excited to have Blaine as a part of our family - Congrats to both of you!!
 If most siblings living states apart, we were fortunate to have most of us make it, with the exception of Randy in North Dakota.

 At temple square in Salt Lake City.  It was the most precious, priceless moment when Crystal saw the Christus.  She was Blown Away, and after standing in awe with a frozen smile for a number of minutes, we had to almost drag her away.
 Loving the chandelier while waiting for the elevator in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
We were so excited to have Rachael come tour temple square with us...Hooray for baby sisters :)
 During the wedding reception, we fell upon the best treasure open nursery :)
Hooray for wonderful Weddings :)


 BYU-Idaho students in the making :)
(Crystal and Spencer)

Anytime we visit family, it's tradition to spend an afternoon on campus, and every time we are always filled with gratitude and amazement at how special and unique the BYU-Idaho campus really is.
 Swinging in the gardens...oh the memories :)

While Brian was working on his thesis, we toured the new areas of campus while our children enjoyed the free parent-made rides :)

Fun with Cousins

Visiting family is always fun, especially when it's a week long for everyone. :) Because we all live so far in distance, time together is extra special...even if it means swinging for over 30 minutes in 45 degree weather. :)
 Feeding grandpa's horses
Renae, Kathryn, and Abigail

We had a wonderful afternoon with grandma Nelson. 

Isnt she one of the most beautiful ladies. :)