Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hidden Secret

I hate meeting new people.
It's an honest fear of mine.
Being in a crowd of people and not knowing a single one of them, 
and yet knowing that I'm going to have to eventually get to know each of them.  
If only I could avoid all of them as though I was shopping at the store and they were just pass-me-by's
...but they aren't
...and I cant. 
 I dont know if anyone else ever feels this way.
when moving into a new home, starting a new job, getting new roommates, or in my case - the first day of school.

Yesterday was that day.. the first day of back-to-school.  
...So much anxiety those first few minutes before walking into that new classroom, 
secretly glancing at everyone around me and quickly realizing that: because it's a part-time program, most of the other students are older, some just by a decade, others with children my age, and all of whom are well into their careers. So, right from the start, the anxiety starts to thicken as I feel a little awkward and out of place...being one of two who stays home for a living. ;) 

So now I'm sitting here asking myself -
" Becky, what were you thinking..? Just pick up your bag, and don't look back." LOL

Just as I began to second guess myself, this teddy-bear of a man next to me turned and said 
"Hi, I'm Eric...I know it's really early and this is going to be a long day so I brought snacks..and lots of them.  Here...have a bagel, you look hungry. And just in case you were wondering, if you hear a sqeaking noise, I promise I'm not fart...it's the chair." 
okay, so writing it out and reading it makes my story a little lame, 
but if only you were there...I couln't help but laugh at such an introduction.

And that was the beginning of many great intro's 
My cohort is SO wonderful,
Each one of them so warmhearted and eager to know and learn fromeach other.

 And the professors, I honestly dont know where to begin. 
I have two professors, both of which bring a smile to my face just thinking about them.  
So full of warm energy and bright faces, ready and truly eager to help us...
not just to pass the courses, but to really understand and become part of the field.

The head of the department reminds me SO much of my grandma -
full of happiness and excitement and so stinkin adorable!!
I hope you havent read this far...and if you have, I'm sorry I really have no point to this blog other than me babbling on about my "little girl" excitements!!

In the end and I guess my whole purpose of this is to say:
I am so proud to be a part of this program.
  I find myself secretly counting down the days until next Monday, 
where I will spend almost 13 hours with school and truly enjoy every moment of it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Eagle

I applied to the Master's of Social Work program at Eastern Washington University and...

I am now an Eagle. :)
We are SoOoOoO excited!!
Brian randomly found a out about a new MSW part-time program that EWU. With only a week left before the deadline, I applied...and HOORAY - our ideal, "perfect" scenario came true!!
It is a part-time program at the Spokane campus, which means I only have to make the long drive every Monday, and get to spend the rest of the week at home with the girls.
We just found out, and class starts in less than 2 wks...AHH!!!
The only down fall is the fact that Brian's busiest day is Mondays..so we will need to find a sitter for the girls until May.
Luckily, after this semester, Brian's able to work out his schooling so that he can be home every Monday.
So, Nervous?  Yes, but just as excited as a little girl on her first day of school! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snake River Half Marathon

 We ran the Snake River Half Marathon this morning. 
I was a little nervous, seeing that we had that CRAZY snow storm a few days ago
But the weather couldn't have been better...just cool enough to keep us on our toes ;) 
We really had a blast, and hope to make it a fun tradition every spring.

 Can't forget those good stretches.
 The pinning of the bibs...now it's official.

Mr. Snow Storm

Dear Snow Storm,
 Thank you for giving me reason to ditch my morning run and spend an extra hour in my cozy bed. 

It was fun the way you buried our car in your deep white fluff, forbidding us to drive ANYWHERE

And gave Brian and I the best reason to play for hours outside after we put the girls to bed...
Even though your extra snow made our snow family look a little funny the next morning.

 Thanks for being the PERFECT snow to build cool snow forts..

Crystal thought it was the coolest fort EVER and spent more hours in there than in home
and yes, she has a runny nose now, but TOTALLY worth it :)

 Oh how we loved the endless play you provided for us this last week.

And of course, we can't forget the snow fort tea parties
 Caitlin came to join in the fun :)
 We had a crazy good time with you Mr. snow, but please PLEASE don't come back again..until next year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a Sleep Over Mommy!

Imagine waking up to this every morning
Crystal has a crazy love for her little animals...
Yes, it's a little crazy.
Almost every night before bed, we go to check on Crystal and this is what we find...a sleep over with her little animal friends, whom she loves dearly.
Notice how they're dressed in her pj's, each with their own pillow around her, & most nights, covered in her blankets while she rarely has one for herself, even on the colder nights. 
"We're having a sleep over mommy" is the reply I get each morning
When I ask why she won't have a sleepover in her bed, she answers "Hehe - That'd be silly mommy"
...no arguing with that
I just love how endearing this child is

My BeLated Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!!
Okay, so I'm a month behind for our Valentine Pics but they're worth the wait :)
Our Valentines turned into a double-day event, starting with a wonderful Sunday breakfast.
Brian explained the holiday to Crystal, as it is a day to celebrate the love we have for those around us.
We then asked her how she could show gratitude for those she loves.
First thing she said was "Love baby Abigail and share my breakfast with her"
Then she ran over to where Abby was sitting on the floor, broke her piece of toast in half, and gave some to her. I have to be honest...I couldn't resist the tears I have for the love these two angels bring to this home.
 So the rest of the morning was spent doing activities that Crystal felt would show gratitude. It included sharing treats, making Valentine cards (for the 4th time hehe), and of course, dancing & singing her favorite songs from the Primary Book.

 Every Valentines, Brian has a tradition of making me breakfast in bed...this year we extended this to the girls as well.  Crystal and Abigail both were so excited to wake up to us bringing them little heart pancakes and getting to eat on Crystal's bed. :)

What a special holiday to celebrate.

Cousin Choas

Family came to visit this past weekend
We had a crazy fun time with the cousins together. 
It was fun showing them around our little Pullman - not that there's much to really show here other than unique restaurants....but hey - you can't go wrong when good food's involved, right? ; ) 
I didn't take too many pictures (so I expect some from you, Chanel :) ) but here are a few fun ones..
 Crystal and Mia ... trouble makers disguised as sweet little girls
 Grandpa and Abigail
 Sp presious..Abby and Tessa giving kisses...over and over and over :)
 Grandma and the girls
 Abby sitting and eating like the big cousins
 Adorable...Mia and Crystal reading a bedtime story to Grandpa
 Excited to see eachother
Kevin, Mark, and Crystal :)