Monday, July 21, 2008

More Pictures

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks. Me and Becky both graduated on Friday, it was alot of fun our parents were all there along with grandma Nielsen. Anyways we got everything done and now we have a good break. Anyways Crystal is doing great and we are loving the time we have to spend with her. Anyways here are some pictures I hope you all enjoy them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More perfect pictures

Hey everybody, here I am again and I have a few more pictures. We are really stinken lucky she is so cute! She is doing really good and so is Becky. She just went to the doctor for her 2 day checkup and she is totally healthy. Anyways she is tons of fun, we've been home since wednesday and things are going good. Lucky for me I only have 1 week left until graduation so I can spend more time with her. Anyways love you all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She's HERE

Well today just happens to be my birthday...and the birthday of another member of my family!!! Crystal Tucker Nielsen was born at 8 31am at 7lbs 7oz and 21inches. PLus she is fricken adorable. Anyways Im tired since I haven't slept since 2 30 so I am just going to post a couple of pictures, we will take lots more in the days to come.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More good times

Well things are going good for us here in Rexburg. The biggest news is that Becky went to the doctor today and she found out she is coming right along. She is already dialated past a 3, 100% effaced, and the babies totally dropped. Best part is she hasnt even had any nasty contractions yet. The doctor said she is in really good shape and so she shouldnt have any problems. He said that she should be coming early but if not they want to induce her by the old due date. So...if nothing else little Crystal will be here by a week from today. Anyways here is a picture of Becky, she may look small but the baby is totally normal.

Anyways last weekend we had a war campout at Green Canyon, it was lots of fun.

Green Canyon is actually pretty close to Rexburg, its kinda ghetto but we liked it alot.

Although Im not gunna lie the best part is that they have the old XMen arcade game there. Whenever we go I make sure to bring a few quarters brings back memories of going to the tilt in the mall.

Anyways it was fun Mark and his wife came too. We actually have a pretty cool ward.

So as you can see things continue to go good here, only 2 weeks left of school and less than one week till we have a baby! SO dont be suprized if I dont post for a bit but as soon as I do you should see a little girl on here!