Thursday, October 15, 2009

All About Little Crystal

I realize that throughout the year, I've been telling myself to do this, but then I think of all the work it takes, and tend to shy its almost the end of the year understand. So this is an update on our little Crystal.

Crystal loves to talk. From the moment she wakes up until bed, she's always saying something...mostly gibberish. There are times when you know she thinks she's so clever and funny because she'll say something, then start laughing like she just made a joke.

Crystal Can Say...

Mom ~ Mama..or MOM when she REALLY wants my attention :)
Dad ~ Baba...sometimes Dada
Jesus ~ Ses
Please ~ Hi (lately it's turned to "eese" unless she's upset and REALLY wants something, then it's still "HI!")
Thank You ~ Day Doo
I Love You ~ Au Ooo
TaDa ~ Daw Daw
Hello ~ Hi
Goodbye ~ Ba Bye
Blueberry ~ Boo Ba
Bottle ~ Ba Boo
Banana ~ Bnnna
YeeHa ~ Hiiha
Baby ~ Bbee
Amen ~ MEN!
Mine ~ Mine (unfortunately)
Tickle Tickle ~ Tck Tck Tck
Paddy Cake ~ Pud Tay
Yes ~ Yeah
No ~ *Shakes her head*

Crystal LOVES to...

Play with her stuffed animals. They are her little babies and she loves carrying them around with her. She'll wrap them up and Sing while rocking them "to sleep" in her arms. She'll also loves reading, feeding, and especially Kissing them. When she goes to bed, she'll stay up and play for a few minutes and every minute or so, we hear a loud "Mua" kissing sound as she kisses them.

Rap herself up in ANYTHING soft - blanket, towel, clothes - and then either hums to herself when tired or giggles when she knows she cant be seen.

Hum along while we cuddle her in our arms and sing to her before bed. She LOVES to cuddle and hum if she knows it's bedtime and will lay her head on your shoulder as long as you allow her to.

Listen to you read her books to her, especially her "I Love You Through and Through" book. She LOVES to point out the actions when we read them...For example, we'll read "I love your eyes, nose, ears, toes, etc" and she'll point to each one. Her favorite page is "I Love your Silly Side" and the little boy has squeezed toothpaste on his teddy bear. She points to the tooth brush, bear, then giggles every time. : )

Listen to Soft Jazz...the moment she awakes in the morning, she asks for music and if we even try to change the music, she runs over and hollers "MOM!"

Poke out her little bum and dance to ANY and EVERY music available

Feed any baby-looking thing. While "feeding, she clucks her tongue as if they were eating from her. :) If she's thirsty, she'll feed her bear first, and then take a drink herself.

Sit in from of the mirror and kiss, laugh, and play peek-a-boo with herself

Play Hide-and-Seek. She's a FANTASTIC finder and even BETTER hider - she's great at keeping quiet while she hides

Ride on her daddy's back like a horse while giggling "Hiiha"

Give High 5's. If one person gives her one, she'll go to EVERYONE else in the room and give them a High 5 as well, and wont stop until she gets them all.

LAUGH! She will find any reason to laugh. She will do the silliest thing, like lay down with a pillow over her, then poke her head out, laugh like she's the funniest creature EVER, then do it again...I have to say, she makes us laugh every time.

Crystal truly LOVES to make people happy. She is so loving and selfless, especially to other babies, children, or strangers in the park or store. When she sees someone sad, she'll run over, look them in the eyes (REALLY close) and then lean in and give them a kiss. When there's a child crying and the kiss doesnt help, she'll sit right next to them, look at them again, and then start crying until they stop. She really is a sunshine in our lives and we are truly blessed to have her!

We Love You Baby Girl!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Say Cheeeeese!!

I have the sweetest husband EVER! Since we've been married, we've both really wanted a NICE SLR camera, hoping it'll save us money in the long run by taking our own portrait pictures.
After not-so-patiently waiting the last couple of years, Brian finally found a KILLER deal online...and we took it!! HURRAY!

That's great and all, but the best part is that he also ordered a great portrait lens knowing it was the main reason I wanted the camera.

So, this afternoon I took Crystal to the park and enjoyed experimenting with our new camera!!

It's nothing too impressive, but I really had a GREAT time pretending I knew what I was doing. hehe Thank You Love!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

5k Pumpkin Dash

For a Halloween celebration, Pullman had a 5k "Pumpkin Dash" race. Chelsi and I had a really great time running with our little ones.

This is Crystal all ready for her first race - she was SO excited and seemed to really enjoy the race.

This is Chelsi and I with our babes right before the race - Emma and Jude in her stroller, and Crystal in my arms.

It was a great morning for the race. Pushing the double stroller was more difficult than we had planned because most of the hilly path was nothing more than wet grass, mud, or loose gravel, so it made it more enjoyable to take turns switching off. We really had a fun time! Thanks Chelsi!