Monday, September 29, 2008

Crystal's first attempts at learning to sit - 2 months

These are some shots of Crystal a few weeks ago. This was her first attempts to sit on her own - although she was wobbly, with a little help from Sidsi, she had a great time. She fell face forward a few times, but she sure seemed to enjoy herself : )

Fun at Walker Park

While Brit and Holger were up visiting, we took them to my most favorite park in Shelton where you can find all sorts of fun sea life.

Brian showing Madilyn the fun mini-crabs that are found under the big rocks. These are my favorite crabs - the ones we'll play with every time we come to this park.

For the first time, the tide was low enough that we saw big crabs, eels, lots of starfish EVERYWHERE, and even a sea otter!!!

I really enjoyed playing the bigger crabs - the neatest was this picture below - if you look close enough, it's a mother crab carrying a baby with it's claws. I thought it was really cool.


There were starfish EVERYWHERE of all colors and sizes

Brittany and I looking at one of the starfish that Brian helped pick up...kinda cool!!!

Here's the back of the starfish - they are a lot heavier then they look.

I dont remember the name of these type of star fish...but they sure are scary looking - in fact, they were too scary for even Brian to touch.

Through the hundreds of gigantic star fish, Brian was able to find a baby one - sooo cute!!

While we were out playing, Crystal layed back and enjoyed her warm and cozy car seat and fuzzy hat that Lisa made. : )

Time at the beach

Last week, we took another fun trip to the beach - such a beautiful day. Crystal enjoyed the snuggling with her dad while Brian and I enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Brian and Crystal after our fun at the beach.

Fun Pics of Crystal at 1 1/2 months

Here are some pics of our little Crystal at a month and a half old - she loves the camera and gets overly her smiles are kind of silly, but it makes her that much more fun!!!

Here are some fun pics of Crystal all swaddled and ready for bed - she usually gets excited at this time because she knows she gets to eat soon. : )

Our Trip to Washington

Okay, so it's been a while since we last first we'll start with our trip to Washington. Everything went well, but as you can tell...we had more than a full car load. It was packed, and probably not the safest way to travel, but we're happy to be here in one piece. : )