Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skok River

Last weekend we took a day hike around the Skok River. We were a little nervous as to how Crystal would handle the backpack all day, but she loved it just as much as us.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hiking in Washington...just look at the gorgeous little waterfalls that are all over the place!! GORGEOUS!!

Okay, so every night, we go on a family walk down the road and back. And each time we go, Brian picks a little flower for Crystal to carry along the way. So, when we started the hike, Brian picked this flower for her. It was funny to watch her as the hike went on. As the flower started to die, we picked her another one, but she didnt want to give this little flower up. you can see in these pictures...her little lively flower wasnt so lively by the end of the day. So funny!!

Even after playing with the water, rocks, and twigs...she stills has her little flower!! LOVE this girl!!

Camping at Wynoochee Lake

For Memorial Weekend, we went camping at Wynoochee Lake with Kelly, Chris, Tim, and Julie. The lake was beautiful and the little girls loved to play in it. Sorry - I dont have too many pics, but here's an idea of what it was like.

This was our first real camping trip with Crystal, and she LOVED it. The weather was
AMAZING, so we spent time hiking around and swimming...okay, Brian and Kelly were the only ones that really went swimming because the lake was FREEZING!!

We had a great time!! Thanks Kelly and Chris!!

Family Get Together

Kevin (Brian's brother) graduated last minth from Dental school and has moved back to work in Olympia, WA. HURRAY!! Congrats Dr. Kevin on getting your D.D.S.!! It's great having the WHOLE family so makes Sunday dinners seem like a weekly family reunion. :)

With the weather so great, it's been fun playing soccer and frisbee with the fam.

Sorry Ladies...those butts are taken!! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The video's ready now!

Sorry everyone!! You should be able to watch Crystal's first steps now. Love you!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crystal's First Steps

So tonight we were sitting there watching TV and playing with Crystal and she's been doing alot better about standing and then Sara had her and she wanted to come to me and she just took a few steps. Well needless to say we were excited and Becky had me(Brian) run and get the camera and this is what we got. We are pretty excited, its only a couple of steps and she probably wont walk for reals for a while but its fun to see some changes. Anyways heres the video.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

This past week was my lucky 24th Birthday; HURRAY!! I have the greatest husband EVER who had the whole day planned with everything I LOVE!! He started with a delicious breakfast in bed, (how can you go wrong with that kind of a start!) Then we headed out bright and early for our packed day.
We started out going to the top of Walker mountain. At the top, we were able to look across the valleys and water and see Seattle far in the distance. The best part is that it was suppose to rain all day...and yet, other than a few clouds in the sky, it was Gorgeous!!

Crystal LOVES riding on Brian's shoulders...the best is when he wouldnt let her reach for the trees...she turned it back on him by grabbing his ear and giggling at his "ouch" remarks. So funny!!

After Walker mountain, we took a ferry ride to Seattle. Crystal LOVED being out on the dock, even though the speed of the ferry made the wind strong and cold. She was glued to the railing, staring at the water, and when we tried to pull her off, she would get a death-grip hold of the railing, giggle, and go back to staring at the water.

Inside the ferry, her face was plastered to the window...I cant blame really was a beautiful sight.

Once in Seattle, we went to Pike's Place, a famous Farmers Market. We had a great time looking at the fun nik-naks, but the best part was the assortment of flowers that were available. It made it difficult to choose a bouquet, but I think I did good. :)

So..this turned into a really long post, but the moral of the story husband's AMAZING!!!