Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abigail's giggly smiles

Oh Abigail - Thank you for being such a happy little one! Your constant giggly smile brightens my day every day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Daddy, I'm ready!"

Crystal loves to play "Daddy dress-up" by putting on her library backpack and pretending to walk out the door to school. This past Tuesday, Brian decided to spend the morning with us, and leave for school a little later.  When Crystal noticed her daddy packing up for school, she ran for her backpack and was waiting by the door with a HUGE grin saying "Daddy, I'm ready. Time to go to school!"  It was the cutest thing! Brian couldnt resist her sweet style, and ended up walking around the parking lot for a while, pretending to go to school.

Crystal's 1st Haircut

Crystal had her first hair cut last week ~ she did SO well and LOVES to watch me do her "New Hair" ever morning through the mirror.

When we told Crystal she was going to get a hair cut, she was a little nervous and unsure.  But when she saw Jersh and Chantel walk through the door, she immediately changed as she jumped into her chair saying "Channy, I'm ready!"  Crystal absolutely loves Jershon and Chantel and plays more with them than most adults I know....it helps that Jersh is just like a big child. :)
 Afterward, Crystal told us she was a big girl now and asked if she could stay up with us.  It was so cute watching her cuddle and play with her hair. Thank you Chantel!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge
Swallow 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon in one minute

Meet the Competition ....

The Garrettinator - with tears of Joy
Suspencer - Planning his next move
 The Brain In deep concentration.


 Taking the Plunge:
                 Let's just say it wasnt pretty.. hehe 

Can YOU beat the Cinnamon Challenge?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Do you ever wonder what little girls would do if they stayed up late at night?  Well let me show you...

 Nothing less than dancing to N'Sync in their panties. Oh how girls just wanna have fun!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Curly Q

 This morning Crystal asked if I could put curlers in her hair.  It was so fun to watch her as I put them in - each time I started twisting the curler in her hair, she would start singing some "Curly-Q me hair" song. 

Each time Crystal would start singing, little Abby would giggle and coo along with her.  It was so fun to watch the two of them giggle together.

PS ~ Is this not just the cutest little smile you've ever seen? :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Run

Meet Marie ....

She had never ran before, but always wished she could. :)  I started running with her about 6 weeks ago, at which time she could barely run 1/2 mile before having to stop and walk. Now dont get me wrong - running a 1/2 mile is AWESOME for any beginner ~ but the best part was that she loved it and wanted to continue training.  As time went on, a few other friends joined in on our morning runs and this past weekend, we did a 4.5 mile race while a few other ladies did the 2 mile walk.  The BEST part ~ they all ran the WHOLE THING!!  What an AMAZING accomplishment!!

PS ~ Dont you just love our matching shirts?? :)  I even made one for Crystal, who did the 2mile walk with Brian and Spencer....basically waisting time until we'd finished.

Crystal was waiting near the end and ran through the Finish line with us. :)
 And to top off a great race ~ I WON a beanie!! HOORAY!!
 What did little Abby think of all the excitement???
Love it! :)

Halloween Festivities!

I never thought I was much of a crazy celebrator with Halloween....but having a two year old who knows all about trick-or-treating and dress-up sure makes it more enticing!!
 Our play group decided to do a Halloween party, and it turned out GREAT!! They started with a costume parade where the children marched around the gym in their fun costumes.

 And then was filled with fun activities for the children.
 It was a great way to spend our morning while Brian was at school. :)
 Later in the evening we went trick-or-treating in the mall. 
 Crystal thought it was the greatest thing ever! Before we started, we told her each place would give her one piece of candy...so as we were trick-or-treating, anytime someone gave her more than one piece, she would take the extra pieces and give it back after saying "No Thank you!"  I giggled a little inside each time. :)
 Saturday Morning, we had a 4.5 mile race...and Crystal was SOOO excited when she saw our matching t-shirts.  She would take her "baby spider" and put it next to my "mommy spider" and pretent to walk them across my shirt to their "home." 
 Later that night, we had our ward activity.  Any guesses who Brian is?  I'll give you a hint...Arrested Development. :) ...we had a lot of good laughs. :)  ....Unfortunately...Abigail had a diaper issue in her costume...so she's the PJ Princess. ;)
 Crystal was a Bumble Bee, and I was Cruella Devil.

 Hank, Crystal, and Caitlin chillin in the hall with their late-night goodies...yum yum

After the ward party, we put the girls to bed and went over to a friends for yet another party.  I only took a few pics unfortunately, but this is what I have...This is Joseph and Aryssa, who were the hosts.  And I thought Brian would have a hard time washing his face off. ;)

 Sarah and Ardy
 Michelle and Matt
After the party, Brian and I went home and watched our traditional Halloween Horror movie....the old-school, black and white "Night of the Living Dead."  ....Call me pathetic, but it really did scare me. :)

On Halloween Sunday night, we let Crystal eat her candy and had a Halloween-movie-a-thon ( Halloween Dora, and Monsters Inc.)  Crystal was hilarious with her candy. She had a bowl of corn with her as well, and would take one piece of candy, a handful of corn, and so on.  So Cute. :)
Hope you had a great Halloween too!!